November 7, 2009

Grand Jury Clears Cops in Taser-Killing of Kevin LaDay in Texas

I don't think that the penalty for running away from the police should be death. The grand jury in Hardin County grand jury doesn't agree with me.

The grand jury reviewed the evidence in the death of 35-year old Kevin LaDay and decided that there was no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Lumberton police or Hardin County deputies, and they used no more force than was reasonable and necessary.

LaDay died on April 30 after a struggle with Lumberton Police and deputies. They say LaDay's car ended up in a ditch off Highway 69 near a nursing home, and he ran. Police used a taser on him. He later died at a hospital.

An autopsy ordered by a justice of the peace indicated LaDay died from PCP toxicity and his death was ruled accidental.

The grand jury's decision not to indict the officers brings an end the county's criminal investigation.
"My officers acted appropriately in the circumstances and I know they're gratified with the grand jury's decision," said Lumberton Police Chief Danny Sullins. "I'm relieved. It has to go through the process but we always believed we'd get this behind us and move on. The officers have continued doing their jobs for the citizens of Lumberton and will continue doing so."
A spokeswoman for the FBI indicates that they will send an independant report to the Justice Department now that the grand jury ruling is completed. I hope that the FBI and the Justice Department will provide some public insight into taser abuse in advance of the December 4th Day of Blogging Justice to stop taser torture.

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