November 6, 2009

Who's Your Daddy? by Geoffrey Philp

Geoffrey Philp is a brother that I've met via his online joint in the afrosphere. The brother is multi-talented writer and poet and has received many awards, including a James Michener fellowship at the University of Miami.

Geoffrey wrote a book called, Who's Your Daddy?: And Other Stories that is a unique mixture of styles and genres that address contemporary life and the complexity of immigrant communities.

This collection of short stories focuses on the lives of people living in Miami and Jamaica while exploring sexuality, prejudice, troubled childhoods, adolescence, and the such. Philp's imagination flows from a casual game of dominoes that reveals the deep undercurrent of affection between father and son to the laugh-out-loud inventiveness of a dreadlocked vampire. I encourage all villagers to read this book to see a unique view of the lives of Black boys and their (sometimes) absent fathers.

4 comments: said...

Give thanks, Villager!
& this could not have come at a better time--I'm reading next week at the Miami Book Fair International.


Villager said...

Geoffrey - I've been meaning to share some love for your book for many moons. I'm glad I got it up today ... and I wish you well on your Miami event.

Rethabile said...

Write on. Highly reommended book that goes beyond entertainment and educates, challenges, engages you.

Villager said...

Rethabile - I've never written a book ... however, I like to think that I can use my blog to promote books written by other villagers. Geoffrey is a very talented brotha that deserves our support on his literary efforts!