November 20, 2009

Taser Death: Jesus Gillard (Bloomfield Township, MI)

A little twist on the 'Tasers Gone Wild' reality show that plays on a weekly basis in America. This time the taser-killing occurs in a city with one of the highest per-capita incomes in the nation ... Bloomfield Township, MI.

61-year old Jesus Gillard is dead and two police officers injured after a police chase which started in Bloomfield Township and ended in Troy. Police say Gillard was tasered when he started fighting with officers after a crash ended the chase.

Bloomfield Township police chased the van. The driver refused to stop and his vehicle rammed the patrol cars. The chase ended when Gillard crashed into another vehicle.

Investigators say after the crash, this 61-year old man got out of his van and began "assaulting police officers" who in turn used tasers on the suspect. Police were able to finally handcuff the suspect, who then stopped breathing. Officers performed CPR, but the man died.

Police say because the tasers had little effect and the 61-year old man was combative, it appeared he was under the influence of an unknown substance.

The two Bloomfield Township officers who were injured have non-life threatening injuries.

Because the man died, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office was brought in to conduct an independent investigation.

There is no excuse for endangering others with erratic driving ... however, the penalty for driving like a fool should not be DEATH. Apparently, the Bloomfield Township police feel that they have the right to extra-judicial electrocution if they are disrespected.

Is anyone else concerned about the speed at which these taser-deaths are occurring? This is the 4th taser-related death in less than a week. What say u?


Valentina said...

Speaking as a resident of Bloomfield Hills, my neighbors and I are beyond thrilled that our police refuse to allow parasitic, criminal, violent, ghetto niggers behave in MY community as they do in that revolting crime infested cesspool of a city that they have created (Detroit). That fucking scumbag got EXACTLY what he deserved and we are happy for it. We pay HUGE taxes in this city to ensure a beautiful, quiet, clean, crime free community. Ghetto parasites need to know that they are not free to come to our community and destroy it as they do everywhere else that they inhabit!

Aaron + Alaine said...

Clearly, Valentina is a racist pig of a person. That sums up all that need be said about the response she posted.

Relative to this particular case, I don't think you are exercising much balance here. You are treating nearly any use of a taser by the police as a completely unwarranted use of force. In this case, you have a guy fleeing the police at high speed, attempting to injure or kill the officers by ramming their vehicle with his and finally only coming to a stop because he struck yet another vehicle. Would you feel differently if he had killed someone in that last vehicle? A baby, a kid, somebody's mom?

Further, after already attacking the officers, he proceeded to fight them after he got out of the car.

He tried to kill the officers with his car, he smashed into a civilians car and could have killed someone and then he attacked the officers after exiting his vehicle with intent to harm. After all of that, you seemingly expect the officers to engage in hand to hand combat with this guy and subdue him in the most gentle manner possible. I don't think this is a balanced look at the incident. If they did not have the less lethal taser available, what would be their options? The cops can wrestle this guy and risk further injury with a suspect who has already demonstrated that he does not have a problem trying to kill a policeman, or they could shoot him.

The use of a taser in this scenario seems entirely justified. Its unfortunate that it killed the guy, but HIS actions clearly put him in the line of fire. I can't find a great deal of fault with the two officers action in this instance and I think its very unfair to essentially suggest that they are murderers. Officers are not required to go to any length to not harm a violent suspect who has clearly demonstrated he is dangerous, nor do I think its fair to suggest that in the face of this suspects behavior, they have to prolong the dangerous encounter any further by engaging in hand to hand combat with this guy to subdue and place him into custody.

I think this was a reasonable use of force. It killed him and thats a shame, but that didn't happen until after the guy tried to kill cops with a car and nearly killed innocent bystanders. On the facts as you posted them, I can't find fault with the officers for using a taser to subdue this suspect.

Villager said...

Valentina - I didn't realize that the unidentified man was from Detroit. You have me at an advantage with that bit of news. What if you find out that he is from Bloomfield Hills? Would that change your perspective?

Villager said...

Aaron - The one thing about killing a suspect is that you never get his/her side of the story. Do we know if the police pulled in front of his car ... as they often do in car chases ... fully intending to force the suspect to stop by using their car as a shield?

We do know that the suspect did *not* kill anyone ... so to speculate on whether killing him by taser would be appropriate if he had run into someone is simply speculation.

His only crime was running away in his car and resisting arrest. Doing so doesn't earn you *death* in the criminal justice system. Only works that way when the police are poorly trained and kill a person because they don't know how to bring him into custody otherwise.

Let's see how it plays out.

Oh ... and you're right ... I probably do pour it on heavy in these taser-related death cases. That is my perogative as a blogger ... I'm not pretending to be an impartial journalist.

MichelleY said...

Valentina's comments were so painful for me to read. I met Je'sus when he volunteered an entire day of his time to come help my non-profit move from one location to another building only two months ago. He was a devout Catholic, with a decent job, and a kind heart.

What he had working against him is that he was bipolar and his doctor had recently reduced his medication. The doctor insisted that he was doing well, but the changes in his behavior at home were so severe that his wife of more than 20 years recently moved out.

Je'sus was not a "parasitic, criminal, violent, ghetto ******" He was a sick man who was failed by the medical system.

Those of us who knew Je'sus do not necessarily blame the police for his death...they have an incredibly hard job, and must make decisions without the luxury of full information.

But Valentina's comments sicken me. Living in her "beautiful, quiet, clean, crime free community" is no blessing in her case. Her heart has shriveled two sizes too small.

Je'sus on the other hand, lived in that "revolting crime infested cesspool of a city" and instead of being overcome by it, or his illness, he found ways to give back.

He will get exactly what he deserved in the end. God will see to that. And so will Valentina.

Pro-Life Sidewalk Counsellors said...

On Sat, two days after the Je'sus incident was on the news, I had a talk with the 30 year old son. He told me that Je'sus was bi-polar and his Dr had been reducing his meds over the last several months, and illegal drugs played no role in his anger or activities that day. Someone that knew Je'sus better than me, said that Je'sus was sobriety for 27years. The three of us would walk around Birmingham Sat. evening and I was the only one that would drink beer or wine. They would not touch a drop.
After the high speed chase Je'sus won't exit his van the police started tasering him until he fell to the ground. After he was handcuffed, on the ground, he was unresponsive, according to his son. Je'sus was very strong and in great physical condition. So it's believed that the police over-did the tasering, which caused a heart attack. We all should know, there is still a strong underlying fear and hatred of black men, in America. Which could have alot to do with how the police responded to Je'sus.

Villager said...

Howard and Michelle - Thank you for sharing the personal side of Je'sus story. We are waiting to see if anything will happen with the police officer(s) that used a taser to kill him...

Michelle said...

Does anyone know the results of the Toxicology report for Jesus Gillard? I cannot find it in the Detroit Free Press or anywhere. Please share with me. My deepest sympathies to his family. I, too know that the W. Bloomfield Officer MUST be charged in this Case. I happen to know this Monster well. Has a wrongful death suit been filed? Contact me for more info if you'd like. Also do you know the status of the "Independent investigation" by the Oakland Co Sheriff's office?

Villager said...

Michelle - I've not seen the autopsy report on Mr. Gillard yet...

jesus sun said...

Turns out that he died from being crushed to death tasers was just an cover. Also his toxicalogy report came back clean. He was beaten very bad in the head so he didn,t have a chance.

Villager said...

Jesus Sun - thanx for the update...

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks they know anything about this incident are fools. Whatever the person this guy was before this incident is irrelevant. He endangered many lives excluding the police. He crashed heavily into an innocent family who didn't care if he was black, white or any other race. With a broken leg he fought off three of the biggest Bloomfield twp police officers and was winning until the Tasers were used. Even after that he continued to fight until he was subdued. Is it anybody's fault but his own? No! It's not the police officers fault he didnt take his meds. It's not the doctors fault he didn't take his meds. It is his fault the whole incident started and was finiished. The location doesnt matter because the same result would have occurred if it happened in Troy, royal oak, Allen park, Taylor, alpena

Villager said...

Rick - I appreciate you for sharing your perspective and insights on this (potentially) taser-related death.