November 14, 2009

Taser Death: Darryl Bain (Coram, NY)

The police got tired of messing around with 43-year old Darryl Bain. This time they tasered Bain twice and he died in the Long Island home of his mother in Coram, New York.

I wonder if Darryl Bain's brother had any idea that his brother would be dead less than 80 minutes after he placed a call to the police on Saturday morning? Bain's brother called to complain that his brother was high on cocaine and barricaded into the house of his 78-year old mother.

When the police arrived, they heard a struggle inside and officers broke down the door and tried to wrestle the 43-year old man to the ground.

Police say that Bain continued to fight with the the three officers who entered the house. One of the police officers decided it was a good point to pump 50,000 volts of electricity from his (or her) taser gun into Bain's body. Since Bain didn't make it easy for them to cuff him ... they zapped him again.

Bain died shortly after the second zap.

Bain's mother is Phyllis Hawkins. She has an order of protection against her son. However, she said he was not posing any threat to her or himself and the officers did not need to use the Taser on him.

She said she was trying to get her son to get his hands off the door when officers heard the struggle inside and from past experiences, the police know that when Bain “gets like that, he calms himself down.”

Since 2000, Suffolk County police were called to Bain’s house at least 70 times. It could have been 700 times ... that still is no excuse for killing a man. The penalty for being a jerk isn't DEATH. When will the police figure it out that a taser gun isn't supposed to be used for their convenience.

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