November 23, 2009

Interview: Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (Video)

Ashahed Muhammad (Truth Establishment Institute) sits down with the former Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick in an exclusive interview; this is the first time he has spoken publicly since being removed from office.

I suppose that other parts of the interview will be released in the future. Personally, I wish that Kwame didn't spend any time sharing his thoughts on President Barack Obama. Nothing positive can come from his analysis of our president ... especially when he tries to compare his (Kilpatrick) situation with that of President Obama.

Secondly, I did learn one thing new in this interview. I didn't realize that Kilpatrick and his aide, Christine Beatty, knew each other since they were both in high school. It doesn't excuse their behavior. And I doubt that anything that he does or says now, or in the future, will mitigate the harm that he brought to the city of Detroit.

On the one hand, I wish that the former mayor of Detroit would simply fade away never to be heard from again. However, I guess if America allowed other sinners like Newt Gingrich or Bill Clinton to reset their images ... we can't begrudge Kilpatrick that same opportunity.

What are your thoughts about the video interview?


Karen Swim, Words For Hire said...

Wow. Wow. I am nearly speechless. The comparisons to President Obama are laughable. While it is true that people of color are judged by a different standard, the similarities end there. Kwame's arrogance manifested in a way that led him to act as though he, his wife, and team were above the law. Very, very different than confidence in yourself that appears arrogant. He placed himself in a position to be harshly judged and aggressively attacked by his defiance of the laws of the land. No one cares how he dressed or even whom he slept with, but citizens care very much when city funds and resources are misused for personal gain. Did some of the attacks get personal? Yes, because rage causes people to go there but for most the source of their anger was not his manner but his actions on behalf of the city. Funnier still, many of those who continued to support him financially and politically were non-black power brokers, who reside in the suburbs; so much for the racial divide.

Villager said...

Karen - You are on point with everything you said. It even bothered me to hear him talk about Mayor Coleman Young. It is a shame that Kilpatrick's name even has to be listed as a past mayor of is an insult to all the other past mayors of the town!

Karen Swim, Words For Hire said...

Villager, you speak the truth (but that is of course why I have you on my Google front page) :-)