March 1, 2010

625 People Lost Their Health Insurance Every Hour in 2009

625 -- that's the number of people who lost their health insurance every hour in 2009.

A statistic like that tells a frightening story -- losing insurance can happen to anyone. How many more Americans have to lose their health insurance and how many more businesses have to drop coverage before we fix our broken health care system?

We've been debating what to do about our broken health care system for decades -- not just this past year. Every idea has been put on the table. Every argument has been made. Everything there is to say about health reform has been said. It's time to decide how to reform our health care system to give American families and businesses the security and stability they deserve.

As the President has said, "In the United States of America, no one should have to worry that they'll go without insurance -- not for one year, not for one month, not for one day."
The millions of Americans who lost their insurance last year can't wait any longer. The time is now for health insurance reform.

Let's get it done!

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