March 25, 2010

Black GOP Congressional Candidate Refers to President Obama as 'Buckwheat'

I've always wondered what could possibly drive an African American man or woman to join the Republican Party. As I watch the extremists in the Republican Party fan the flames of racism it makes me wonder what goes through the minds of Black GOPers?

Rep. John Lewis is called the 'n-word' ... Rep. Emmanuel Cleaver is spat on ... President Obama is depicted with Hitler-like mustache and worse in Tea Party signage ... George Lambus and Alan Keyes have demonstrated that they are racially confused ...

... and now we have some self-hating fool, Corey Poitier, jumping on the racist bandwagon in a recent speech to a mostly-white audience:

"Listen up, Buckwheat — this is not how it is done!" Poitier blurted out, obviously in an attempt to win points with the mostly white audience.
Poitier knew what he was doing when he made the comparison of our nation's first African American president with the character in the 1920 'Little Rascal' ... just as others in the GOP know what they are doing as they seek to recreate the environment that existed in our country when Reconstruction was brought down over a century ago.

It is one thing when closet-supremacists like John Boehner, Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and others start ranting and rallying the racist fringe elements of the Republican Party ... but for a Blackman to be an agent for this racism is sad and dangerous.

"The press has run amok with this, and turned me into a racist," Poitier told reporters complaining of receiving no media attention prior to his irresponsible comments. He added, "I've never seen Buckwheat as a disparaging character. People love Buckwheat."
Villagers ... do you know anyone that loves Buckwheat?

In another interview, the confused candidate stared down at his own hands to further demonstrate he meant no racial slight.

"This isn't a spray tan," Poitier said of his skin tone. "This is real."
Poitier insists he meant no disrespect to Obama and has publicly apologized to both the president and residents of the congressional district for any misunderstanding.

I imagine that Jesse Lee Peterson is heading down to support Poitier's campaign as you're reading this. I 'spose that Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice are shakin' their head as they see what this Black GOP candidate is doing.

Do you know any Black Republicans? What do you think they are saying about the 'Buckwheat' comment?


Anna Renee said...

What's sad is that a black person who does this might win a few "points" but when it comes to some real support, they won't have it. What they will have is disrespect--from those they brown nose and from the black community.

Villager said...

Anna Renee - I don't begrudge African Americans that choose to disagree with President Obama and his administration. I simply wish that they would do so on the merits rather than resort to disrespectful descriptions like 'Buckwheat'. The level of self-hate that one has to have to try to win approval from white folks in return for denigrating Black people is truly sad. I agree with you...

Aaron + Alaine said...

I'm a black republican and I think it was ignorant. I am so not down with step and fetch it antics like this that curry favor with a white audience by trading in stereotypes that gain their potency from underlying racial themes. It lacks class, it lacks integrity and it doesn't command respect from black or white people. I find such behavior from blacks who carry the conservative/republican banner to be pathetic and contemptible.

Villager said...

Aaron - Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this post. I've noticed that fewer and fewer people (myself included) take time to reply or comment on blog posts nowadays.

Anyhow, I also find that you are the exception when it comes to Black Republicans. Most of them ... at least those that I've seen via the media ... seem to curry favor with white audiences in order to generate a paycheck for themselves. Few appear to be able to make cogent arguments about why the African American community should support a party in which its standard-bearers do things like this candidate did down in Florida.

Losing it 4 Good said...

The writer just does not know history.The Democrats have always been the party of hate.KKK was started by Democrats.When you see the old movies of blacks- people being beaten and attacked by dogs and lynched, that was the Democrats.The no.1 killer of black people in the U.S is PLANNED PARENTHOOD or(The Negro Project) started by a racist and they give money to blacks like OBAMA to promote their program.In the history of the U.S.,the Republicans have voted for civil rights 86% of the time, and Democrats 26% of the time, so I ask the question, why do black people still vote for Democrats? The KKK was started to keep blacks and whites from voting for Republicans. I guess they did a good job. The Truth shall make you free.