March 20, 2010

Obama Revives 'Yes We Can' Spirit With His Health Reform Speech

We had a sighting of the inspirational man that we elected to be our president yesterday. He was at George Mason University, speaking before thousands at the Patriot Center in Virginia about finishing the job on health reform.

There were chants of 'Yes We Can!' and he made a strong case for passing health care reform. Check out the transcript or watch the speech on video:

It truly will be a historic moment when President Obama signs this health reform legislation into law. I've been amazed by the persistence that Obama has shown in this process over the past year ... especially when I remember the dark thoughts that were running thru my mind after the election of Sen. Brown in Massachusetts.

How are you feeling about the health care reform debate now? How are you feeling about your president now? Somebody pass me that Obama Kool-Aid ... I'm drinking again!

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