March 19, 2010

7th Anniversary of Iraq War: Thousands Dead, $747.3 Billion Spent And Not Any Safer

Soulclap to the BraveNew Foundation for continuing to champion social justice issues by using media to inspire, empower, motivate and teach civic participation that makes a difference.

It is worth remembering that today is the 7th anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of the Iraq War. The invasion and occupation of Iraq has been a massive waste of human life and treasure.

The folks at BraveNew Foundation want to ensure that President Obama doesn't make the same mistakes in Afghanistan that Bush made in Iraq. I don't support their policy preference of leaving the Afghanistan War immediately. I prefer to put my confidence in our Commander-in-Chief on the timing for ending our war with Afghanistan.

What are your thoughts on this 7th anniversary of the Iraq War?


Gunfighter said...

The invasion of Iraq was immoral. It was wrong. It was, and remains, a war of aggression.

The war in Afghanistan, while justified at the outset, has long outlived said justification. To remain and even escalate our force levels in that country smacks of a historical ignorance that I wish weren't true.

President Obama needs to find the courage to declare victory in both of those places and bring our servicemembers home, or redeploy them to face real threats to our national security.

Villager said...

Gunfighter - I think that Obama will end up doing the right thing ... especially if he is successful in getting his domestic agenda -- health care reform -- in the win column this month.

It amazes me that USA hasn't been able to find Osama Bin Laden after all of these years.