March 21, 2010

Taser Lawsuit: Darryl Turner (Charlotte, NC)

One of the first taser-killings that this blog tracked took place in Charlotte, NC. 17-year old Darryl Turner was killed by Officer Jerry Dawson, who zapped him twice for a total 37 seconds.

The city of Charlotte never admitted wrongdoing in the incident but paid the Turner family $625,000 to settle the case.

Now the Turner family is taking the fight to the maker of the stun gun.
"We've alleged that Taser (International) became aware of information relating to the inherent dangers concerning the deployment of the Taser into the chest area," attorney Ken Harris said. "This lawsuit is not about whether or not the Taser should be taken away from police departments; it's about how the Taser should be used properly."
The Turner lawsuit against Taser International is expected to go to trial late next year. What are your thoughts on this lawsuit?

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