February 25, 2010

Show It, Prove It, Say It, Do It

Do any Villagers remember Brownstone? I hadn't heard of them for many moons until one of my college DJ colleagues, Mellow V, shared the following a cappella masterpiece, If You Love Me.

I suspect that the lyrics from this song would be good for any brother in America to hear and embody. What say u?

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msladydeborah said...

These sistas should of had a very long term career. I loved their vocal sound the very first time that I heard them sing. That's one thing about this generation of music folks-they have let a lot of their truly talented singers fall by the way side.

Now if you want some grown folks thoughts on the subject of relationships-I suggest Nancy Wilson. Or some India Arie if you want to feel some positive sista back at ya' love.