February 19, 2010

Taser Lawsuit: Craig Prescott (Modesto CA)

Money talks. It may take losing some taser lawsuits in order to get the attention of the 'powers-that-be' around the nation. As such, I'm encouraged to learn that the family of former sheriff's deputy Craig Prescott who died in the aftermath of an altercation at the Stanislaus County Jail has taken its first steps toward suing the county. [SOURCE]

The family claims that deputies mistreated him in a drawn-out struggle that preceded his death in April 2009.

The claim alleges violations of civil rights, wrongful death, assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, citing the use of "unreasonable and excessive force against Mr. Prescott including the use of Tasers and clubs."

It alleges jail staff knew of the psychotic episodes that plagued Prescott, 38, and failed to provide him "adequate medical and physical care, thereby proximately causing his death."

This blog continues to follow the story of taser-related killings taking place all across America. Let us know if you have any thoughts on this lawsuit?


Villager said...

Marilyn A. Prescott said...
ON April 7, 2010, a 10 million dollar lawsuit was filed by the family in Fresno, CA Federal Court against the Stanislaus County Sheriff for the wrongful death of EX-Deputy Craig Prescott. Source is the Modesto Bee on 04/08/2010.

The Sheriff, Adam Christianson not only covered up the egregious acts of his eight deputies who brutally beat Prescott knowing that he was mentally ill, repeatedly tasered and pepper-balled him, beat him with their ASPs, sat on him while he was on his belly, but made the decision to have him taken off life support after he was admitted to the hospital. Prescott's family was not given the option to leave him on the ventilator even when Craig's wife requested that he be left on an additional twelve hours in order for other family members to arrive. Prescott was deprived of oxygen which led to brain injury and ultimately, brain death.

Ironically, Prescott had been released from the sheriff's custody at 8:30am that same morning, yet the sheriff acted as if he was still in charge. Check Modesto Bee Hive for blogs written by people who were eyewitnesses. The ventilator was turned off at 6:30pm.

Villager said...

All - A settlement has been reached with the family of Craig Prescott. Read More...