February 26, 2010

Brian Davis and Gary Parker, Taser-Killing East Grand Rapids Cops, Cleared in Murder of Matthew Bolick [Video]

Matthew Bolick was tasered four times by Sgt. Brian Davis and Ofc. Gary Parker. The entire incident is on videotape. Bolick didn't have any drugs in his system. He was simply an angry young man. Now he's dead ... and nobody is being held responsible. The powers-that-be are calling it 'excited-delirium'.

Four times the police shot this young boy up with 50,000 volts of electricity ... he died less than an hour later ... and they don't see the tasers has being part of his murder.

Watch the video and you decide:

What say u?


Gunfighter said...

A detah that happens as a result of being Tasered isn't necessarily murder.

If the officer was trying to kill that young fellow, he wouldn't have used a Taser to do it.

Villager said...

Gunfighter - First, my appreciation to you for taking time to share your insights and comments. I wish that others would do so as well.

I agree and understand that a death from taser isn't necessarily murder.

Divine Theatre said...

Seems your anti law enforcement bias is showing.
The clip states the man was not on "illicit" drugs. It did not say he was not on drugs. That leaves plenty of room for misuse, abuse or mixing of drugs.
His behavior was violent and dangerous. Would you have the police offer him an ice cream cone instead?