December 12, 2009

Taser Autopsy: Matthew Bolick (East Grand Rapids MI)

Matthew Bolick, 30, died after being tasered multiple times by Sgt. Brian Davis and Ofc. Gary Parker. Villagers may recall that these police officers felt that they couldn't restrain 5'6" Bolick ... despite his slight 150-pound frame. They jolted him with their taser guns ... and they are still on suspension.

However, Davis and Parker received good news this week. A medical investigator has ruled the death of an East Grand Rapids man who was Tasered by police "natural."

Matthew Bolick died of acute exhaustive mania, which also is known as excited delirium syndrome, said Dr. David Start of the Kent County Medical Examiner's Office. Start said the death was brought on by a psychiatric disorder.

Is it just me? Or does it stretch your imagination too much to believe that this young man died of "natural causes" as the coroner ruled?


Jeff said...

He would still be alive if he was not tasered!

Villager said...

Jeff - I agree with you. It boggles my mind that the powers-that-be can claim that the taser played no part in his death.