December 6, 2009

Rebecca Davis Uses Ballet Dancing to Save Darfur

Soulclap to Save Darfur for introducing us to Rebecca Davis, an entrepreneur, dancer and activist who has used the arts to bring attention to violence against women in Darfur. As Creative Director of her own ballet company, Rebecca choreographed and premiered the first contemporary ballet about the conflict in Sudan, entitled DARFUR - the proceeds of which fund humanitarian work in-country.

In DARFUR, a woman is brutally raped by a group of Janjaweed soldiers. The ballet explores both the attack itself and the long-term emotional and relational repercussions of her attack. Through dance, Rebecca educates her audience about this important issue.


clnmike said...

This is nice to see, anything that brings more awarness to whats happening across class line is a good thing.

Villager said...

Mike - I'm glad to bring these Darfur-related posts back to my blog. I noticed that I hadn't read about Darfur in quite awhile. As u say ... we need to bring more awareness to this issue.