December 8, 2009

Taser Autopsy: Derrick Humbert (Bradenton FL)

The coroner down in Bradenton, FL indicates that the 50,000 volts of electricity zapped by a taser gun into 38-year old Derrick Humbert back on September 28 played a minor role in his death one hour later. [SOURCE]

Dr. Russell Vega works for the medical examiner's office. Vega says that Humbert's death was 'accidental'. He blames the death on cocaine toxicity and heart disease.

"His heart was enlarged. He had at least one large blockage," Dr. Russell Vega said in an interview today. "We see that as a cause of death by itself."
So ... let's recap. Humbert riding on his bicycle a few blocks from his home. Two Bradenton police officers stop him for not having a light affixed to the front of his bicycle. Humbert tries to run. Police officer Del Shiflett shot him with a taser. An hour later he is dead.

One moment he is alive. The next hour he is dead. And the powers-that-be in Bradenton insist that the taser shot did not cause Humbert’s death.

"If it did, it appears to be have been a minor role or none. There’s no way to confirm that," Vega said. "We simply couldn’t find any evidence the Taser played a role."
The death investigation is expected to be completed this week. A Bradenton Police Department’s internal review of the incident should wrap up next week.

I understand that the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a civil rights group that opposes the use of Tasers, is scheduled to meet with officials at Bradenton Police Department about the incident later this week.

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