December 5, 2009

Refugees International Fights Sexual Violence in Sudan

Soulclap to Save Darfur for highling the work of Refugees International (RI). RI is known for their tireless advocacy on behalf of displaced people in crisis areas worldwide, and their incredible work to combat sexual violence in Sudan.

In 2007, RI released a report on how Sudanese law negatively affects rape survivors - detailing barriers to justice that many Darfuri women face and the immunity from prosecution their attackers frequently enjoy. RI's continuing dedication to ensuring lifesaving services and lasting solutions for displaced people, and their unique emphasis on displaced women, has made them one of the most impressive groups working for women in Sudan today.

Save Darfur joins RI in bringing attention to the unacceptable situation in Sudan. Save Darfur folks put together a collection of recent resources and reports related to sexual violence. Due to the barriers the Sudanese government continues to construct for human rights organizations, gathering information for these reports is a labor-intensive, difficult and often dangerous process. Yet each report provides an invaluable perspective on and analysis of conditions on the ground, as well as diplomatic and humanitarian steps that must be taken to address them. In the realm of advocacy, knowledge truly is power.

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