December 14, 2009

Top 10 Villagers of the Year

This blog tracked the top Black blogs for a number of years. We no longer have the Black Blog Rankings ... however, soulclap to Bookerista for giving us the idea of creating another list of the top Black bloggers out there. We've opened up the process to all villagers!

Which Black online presence - activist, blogger, expert, Facebook analyst, journalist, pundit or Twitterer - do you believe stood out this year and should be on the Top 10 list? Who made a special mark? Who do you believe should get special shine as 2009 Villager Of The Year? [NOTE: the Villager himself is not eligible!]

Put your nominations in the comments thread below, or email them to


Henry Ford said...

Who else but THE VILLAGER!

Villager said...

@Henry - Thanx for the kind suggestion. I've updated the blog post to reflect the fact that I'm *not* eligible for nomination. Who is your next suggestion?