December 18, 2009

Joe Lieberman Sucks ... I mean Socks

It breaks my heart to see President Obama's approval ratings taking a nosedive as a result of inaction by the US Senate on health care reform bill. I keep reminding myself that Obama is a smart brother with a vision ... and that he isn't deterred by the small stuff. However, watching Sen. Joe Lieberman hold health care reform hostage is hard to stomach.

Villagers, do you think that President Obama is going to pull a rabbit out of the hat and salvage a health care reform bill?


SjP said...

It hurts my heart, too. But what hurts (actually pisses me off) me even more is the fact that these so-called god-fearing, holier than thou, conservatives spout off about big government, more taxes, and the deficit when they are only concerned about their own pockets. And what is even worse, they will hold America hostage for their own gain and desire to ensure that Obama has only one term in office.

As for Leiberman, well if it were me and as soon as the dust clears from this, his chairmanship would be a memory. He has got to go!

As far as the rabbit - well, the way it looks - its going to take a miracle for the bill to pass. But, Obama has been blessed with a whole lot of miracles over the past 2 years, so I'm going to keep on PUSHING!

Iya said...

God is still in the miracle-working business!

Villager said...

SjP and Iya - I hope you are both right. I would hate to see Obama turned into a "Carter-like" president. I need him to be successful in a bigger-than-life way ... and I think getting his health care reform bill passed and signed into law is an important part.

That said ... I don't like the idea of a bill that forces everyone to purchase insurance (with penalty of fines or prison) while not providing a public option. The current compromise does seem to favor the insurance companies who get many more customers without having to give up anything.

Something's gotta change...

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

A tip of the hat to the senator from Connecticut for killing the first chance we've ever had for meaningful health care reform....

Honestly, has there ever been as vengeful a little gnat as Joe Lieberman? You'd really have to search the archives of history pretty thoroughly to find someone comparable. There are many reasons why Al Gore was defeated in 2000 by a half-witted frat boy like George W. Bush. One of the main reasons was the abysmal choice of running mate Lieberman.

It was obvious during the debate with Dick Cheney during that campaign that comical Joe was a useless drag on the ticket. When Cheney said that his success in the private sector had nothing to do with the government, Lieberman let the statement stand. Cheney made his fortune at Haliburton because of Government contracts! Government had everything to do with it! Did he purposefully sabotage the Gore campaign? Maybe it's pure paranoia on my part but a case could be made that he did.

Say it ain't so, Revoltin' Joe.

Tom Degan
Goshen NY

Villager said...

Tom Degan - Thank you for taking time to share your perspective on Lie-berman. I think that he is a troubled and bitter man who is lashing out. I hope that the Democrats will strip him of his chairmanship after the healthcare reform bill is signed into law.