December 30, 2009

Blogger Activism to Stop Taser Torture

This blog spent a good deal of energy last year to publish information about the incidents of taser torture that were taking place all around the country. For example, we joined with African American Political Pundit and others to support a day of blogging against taser torture; shared information on taser-related deaths whenever possible; supported a petition seeking congressional hearings; and updated villagers on taser autopsy results and taser lawsuits.

Our efforts helped create an atmosphere for recent appeals court ruling that police cannot use their tasers unless the suspect poses an immediate threat. No more casual taser-related killings from lazy cops!

The growing protest against taser torture has been joined by many other bloggers such as those shown below. Please let me know if we're missing a blog ... or if the linked post should be updated with one that is more current.
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  2. African American Political Pundit

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  5. Antoinette's Point of View

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  8. Black Women in Europe

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  10. Character Corner

  11. Columbia Tribune

  12. Daily Kos

  13. Dallas South Blog

  14. Eddie Griffin (BASG)

  15. Electronic Village

  16. Electrocuted While Black

  17. Equality Central

  18. Excited Delirium

  19. From Austin to A&M

  20. From My Brown Eyed View

  21. Gangsters in Blue

  22. Independent Political Report

  23. Intersection Between Madness & Reality

  24. It All Goes Here

  25. Jack and Jill Politics

  26. Jonathan Turley

  27. LA Times Pressmen

  28. Living Life Abundantly

  29. MyDD - Direct Democracy

  30. News for Greens

  31. Now Public

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  33. On the Black Hand Side

  34. Pam's House Blend

  35. Righteouschoice's Blog

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  42. TNT - TRUTH ... not Tasers

  43. UltravioletUnderground

We saw taser-related deaths happening more than once per week in 2009. Will they continue at this same frequency in 2010 or will something change?

What say u?

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