December 1, 2009

Tune In Tuesday: Edwin Starr

America is engaged in two wars at the moment -- Afghanistan and Iraq. President Obama promises that we will be out of Iraq by August 2010. In a few hours he will announce his decision on whether or not to send more troops into Afghanistan. Personally, I find myself doubting the need to continue the war in either country. However, I am open-minded to what our President will tell us tonight.

In the meantime, I hope that he has Edwin Starr someplace on his iPod. Do any of y'all remember a song popularized in 1970 by Edwin Starr called, 'War' back in 1970. The song was originally recorded by The Temptations. The Vietnam war was at the height of its conflict, and the peace movement was gaining speed.

The song talks about war in general, not specifically the one in Vietnam. The lyrics raise the question of whether there must be a better way to resolve conflict. What are your thoughts as you sing this song to your computer screen?

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