December 2, 2009

Does Rupert Murdoch Think That Barack Obama is "a Racist"?

Villagers recall that Glenn Beck called Obama a racist a few weeks ago on Fox News. Rupert Murdoch co-signed Glenn Beck's comment at first.

Rupert Murdoch has been ducking any follow-up questions on the subject. ColorOfChange has over 135,000 signatures on a petition asking Murdoch to either say clearly that he meant what he said and that he stands by Beck; or he should acknowledge there's a problem with what Beck said and take responsibility for stopping the continued race-baiting at News Corp and Fox.

But Murdoch has refused to respond.

Yesterday, Rupert Murdoch spoke at the Federal Trade Commission as part of a conference on the future of journalism. ColorOfChange organizers and others in the audience confronted Murdoch about his comments and asked for an explanation, but as you can see, Murdoch made a quick, silent exit.

What are your thoughts on this issue? Personally, I encourage all villagers to sign the ColorOfChange petition!


Stop Murdoch said...


Great post and thanks for being there!

Just stumbled upon your blog because I was searching for details on an exchange broadcast on Australian television news tonight [16/1/10] between a "journalist" and Serena Williams, in which some creep asked her how she was going with her anger management issues.

Given that Australia's media is 70% owned and almost 100% dictated to by Rupert Murdoch, we assume that the "journalist" was from one of his offensive rags.

And now this crap has morphed into "Serena Williams, abused umpire may meet at Australian Open".

Although it must appear to the outside world that all Australians reflect Murdoch's views - we don't -- but only a few of us are actually trying to do anything about it. The rest are moronic sheep who believe that "it's all good".

Villager said...

Stop Murdoch - Best revenge for Serena is 'massive success'! I hope that Serena wins the Austrailian Open this year.

re: Murdoch. I appreciate your comment that Australians' feelings about him. In America it appears that he is going to try to legitamize Sarah Palin as a potential presidential candidate in 2012...