December 1, 2009

World AIDS Day

December 1 is World AIDS Day, and this year marks the 21st anniversary of its commemoration. It was started in 1988 as a way to raise awareness, money and combat the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS. 21 years later, the disease continues to make its impact on the world, infecting over 33 million people, and taking the lives of millions others.
  • 67% of the people living with HIV/AIDS are in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Since 1981, over 25 million people have died from the disease

  • Young people account for half of new HIV infections

The number of people living with HIV has risen from around 8 million in 1990 to 33 million today, and is still growing. - UNAIDS

I am not aware of anyone in my family or among my friends that is infected with the HIV/AIDS virus. However, I recognize that the issue is one that cannot be ignored in the African American community. I created the HIV/AIDS Awareness Groupsite in an effort to keep people informed about this issue year-round.

What are you doing to increase HIV/AIDS Awareness in your sphere of influence?


CCGroovy!!! said...


THANXXX for keeping the village informed. Pricele$$. said...

Villager, I've just posted a video:
World AIDS Day:"not another aids poem.


MrsGrapevine said...

I posted a piece, too. It's hidden somewhere between all the Tiger Woods drama. Probably should have put it in the same post with Tiger Woods to get more views, people more interested in Tiger than humanity. Go figure!

Villager said...

CCGroovy - Asante sana. I appreciate your support of my blog over the past few months...

Mrs. Grapevine - Your blog post was the most powerful one that I've read on 2009 World AIDS Day. Thank you for sharing your personal story...

Geoffrey - I'm heading over to see your video right now!