December 13, 2009

Black Poetry: T.A.S.E.R.

Taser abuse is immortalized in the following poem by Daroc. Enjoy the flow...

Taser While Black
Suddenly seen from escape goats
The scarecrow
Sparsely filled with rags
Full life size
Imitation of life like
Eyes on the prize type
Tom moved swift
New invention
Shooting flesh
Without leaving holes
Volts replaced bullets
Animals clothed
January 9th
Derrick Jones*
Martinsville Virginia

Hunters hunting game
Seeking salute
Collecting priceless ivory
Tally mark
One death per week this year
February 13th*
*37 years in
Rudolph Byrd

As “Peace officers”
Show off their new pieces
Target practice
On the backs of blacks
Trying to get the highest score
Of torture and execute the harmless
Not responding quickly
Marcus d. Moore, forty,
Freeport Illinois
March 26th*

Facts of creation
'69 to aim shots
Since 1974, they practiced
Hit miss
Below centre mass
Stimulating sensory nerves
Palpating hearts
Seeking brains the wiz never gave
Sweet sixteen
Robert Mitchell
Hit Detroit streets
April 10th*
Thomas A. Swift electric rifle
Split seconds
erupts currents
Incapacitating muscles and strength
They blamed faulty batteries
on Rodney king
Riots produced
It took 5 seconds past minutes
To Spark hate
Disposable camera’s recycled
Captured deaths on voltage
Another slain
Salem Oregon
Gregory Rold
May 23rd

It’s the
21st century lynching
Slaying 3 headed monsters
Lose limbs left lifeless
Scarecrow like
Without reload
Highly praised
Without price
How much does it cost?
Only all civil liberties
June 13, Dwight Madison, 48, Maryland
July 2nd, Roy McKenzie, 25, Cali
August 14th Hakim Jackson, 31, Philly
Either one could have been me
Without reload.*

*And so as Tom aims to hunt elephants
In the mother land
He inspires
Jack Cover,
NASA researcher to probe deaths
into formulation
Another slain not by gunfire
Left uncounted
Yuceff W. Young
Age 21
Brooklyn Ohio
September 19th.

*All at the hands
Tom A. Swift’s Electric Rifle.
You've read the poem. What do you think?

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