December 1, 2009

Good News Tuesday: Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Abdallah

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Abdallah is a physician and Professor of Medicine at el-Fasher University in Darfur, Sudan, specializing in the treatment of survivors of torture and sexual violence.

In 2004, Dr. Ahmed created a network of physicians and medical personnel to work providing care on the ground in Darfur. Within a few months, the Amel Center had treated seventy-eight victims of violence relating to the genocide, including fifteen women who had been raped and beaten. By October of 2007, the number of people treated at the center reached 520. Those working at the center faced constant risk of intimidation and even arrest and interrogation by the Sudanese government for the work they performed. As a native Darfuri who speaks the local language, Dr. Ahmed was able to provide a safe space for women to speak about their experiences and provide them with hope that their psychological and physical wounds could be healed.

The Amel Center was recently closed by the Sudanese government.

Dr. Mohammed is a member of the Sudanese Center for Rights Promotion and Peace Building, whose main objectives are to prevent human rights violations, combat impunity, and promote peace and reconciliation in Darfur and Sudan as a whole. The Centre’s legal activities include strategic litigation, law reform, institutional reform, and engaging in transitional justice mechanisms. In addition, the Center conducts advocacy on behalf of victims of genocide and war crimes, and promotes peace and reconciliation in Darfur and the region.

We honor Dr. Mohammed for his work as a community leader, peace negotiator and human rights advocate.

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