October 16, 2009

History of the Villager's Black Blog Rankings

This post provides an archival record of the growth and evolution of the Black Blog Rankings. Currently, we have 1,766 blogs listed as of October 3, 2009 (read/download).

This listing is the last one scheduled to be published. We are closing down the Villager's Black Blog Rankings today.

The downloadable version of the Villager's Black Blog Rankings is in .pdf format. You can leave a COMMENT below (with your email address) if you want a Word version that has clickable links embedded in it.

History of the Black Blog Rankings

  1. Sep 2009 - 1747 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  2. Aug 2009 - 1766 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  3. Jun 2009 - 1704 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  4. May 2009 - 1,659 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  5. Apr 2009 - 1,629 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  6. Feb 2009 - 1,593 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  7. Jan 2009 - 1,575 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  8. Dec 2008 - 1,500 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  9. Nov 2008 - 1,440 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  10. Oct 2008 - 1,440 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  11. Sep 2008 - 1,400 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  12. Aug 2008 - 1,329 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  13. Jul 2008 - 1,269 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  14. Jun 2008 - 1,239 blogs (#1, Bossip.com)
  15. May 2008 - 1,173 blogs (#1, Bossip.com)
  16. Apr 2008 - 1,045 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  17. Mar 2008 - 850 blogs (#1, Bossip.com)
  18. Feb 2008 - 751 blogs (#1, Bossip.com)
  19. Jan 2008 - 602 blogs (#1, Concrete Loop)
  20. Dec 2007 - 516 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  21. Nov 2007 - 430 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  22. Oct 2007 - 300 blogs (#1, Pam's House Blend)
  23. Sep 2007 - 75 blogs (#1, Paula Mooney's Tips)

Random Spotlight on Black Bloggers

We began putting the spotlight on new blogs being added to the Black Blog Rankings in February 2008. Here are the blogs highlighted since that time:

I had no idea what I was getting into when this journey began back in September 2007. I hope that you enjoyed the Villager's Black Blog Rankings while it lasted!


Mac Daddy Tribute Blog said...

I didn't see my blog daddyBstrong.blogspot.com

Monica Roberts said...

I drop 21 Technorati points and still go up to BBR 34...

Go figure....

Only 9 more spots to the BBR Top 25!

Unknown said...

MacDaddy - I'm showing you as BBR #1522 at the moment.

Monica - You're doing good so far this month. You've moved up to BBR #32.

Anonymous said...

great idea to have a ranking system.
Please send me the word version please!

Unknown said...

Chartreuse - Please provide me with your email address so that I can send you the Word document.

LB said...

Feel free to add me. www.latonyabynum.com

Unknown said...

LaTonya - You are now on the Black Blog Rankings as BBR #1726...

Political Season said...

You know, since I stopped thinking about Technorati and being mad cause I didn't get many votes in the black weblog awards I sorta of stopped thinking about how much mindshare my blog was getting. The BBR is perhaps the only place where I can get any real sense of how my blog is doing. I take it as some real measure of whether the blog is relevant. Wish I could move up the doggone ranks a little further. I'm up from the 600s somewhere, but I can always go higher.

Unknown said...

Aaron - I'm not certain the secret to moving up in the BBR ... other than it helps to be consistent in posting habits. I also try to use weekly memes as a source of links ... Sunday Inspirations, Good News Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday and Old School Friday are my current favorites.

I've also gotten lucky with the 'taser death' series of postings.

Anyhow, I do think that you get what you measure ... so I hope that the BBR helps us improve our blogs.

Prospector said...

Aw, I can't believe the BBR is no more. I'm really going to miss it.

Please email me the word version.


Prospector said...

Villager I appreciate your prompt visit after you read my comment. I answered you via email but i suspect that you didn't receive it.
I'd really be obliged if you could email me a copy of the Word version of the BBR to webprospector@gmail.com.

Thanks again,