October 18, 2009

Sunday Inspirations: Des'ree and Eminem

Often music can inspire us to reach higher. One song that I encourage all villagers to have in their iPod rotation is 'You Gotta Be' by Des'ree. Enjoy!

Of course, my tastes are eclectic. Another song that serves as an inspirational reminder comes from an unlikely source -- Eminem. He hits this one hard and is on point. There are times when I think I let my one shot slip by ... but, I have to believe that if I 'Loose Myself' then I will reach my remaining life goals. Enjoy!


SjP said...

Much obliged Villager for stopping by earlier this morning. Hope you get a chance to stop back by for a little inspirational food for thought.

Unknown said...

Villager! Great inspiration as always. I can relate and also trying to move out of my own way.



Unknown said...

Sojourner - I'm heading over to visit your inspirational food for thought! Your original post in May 2009 about the creation of this meme was on your blogspot domain. Has that post been moved to your sojournersplace.com domain yet? I would prefer to direct people to your new spot versus the old one.

Julius - Asante sana! I encourage you to participate in this weekly meme if you are so inclined.