October 31, 2009

President's Weekly Address: Milestones on the Economy and the Recovery Act

While there is nothing to celebrate until job numbers turn around, the President cites the recent dramatic turnaround in gross domestic product as a sign of better things to come. He also applauds the fact that the Recovery Act has now created or saved more than a million jobs.

Was the $800 billion stimulus package worth the effort? What say u?


Constructive Feedback said...

I read a post in which Francis Holland complained that his purchasing power while in France was curtailed by "Bush's deficit" which impacted the value of the dollar.

I wonder if he and the rest of AfroSpear will maintain a similar skeptical disposition about our present economic conditions - now that the deficit is at record levels?

Or does the "CHANGE" that is in the White House cause you to shift from skepticism over to cheering?

Villager said...

Constructive Feedback - Francis lives in Brazil, not France. However, I take your point. Personally, I appreciate having a thoughtful president in the White House. I'm comfortable that he is making necessary moves to put things back in order.

Constructive Feedback said...

I read Mr Holland's trek around the world to "find himself".

He stated that he had lived in France - in fact he received a degree in the nation. Now he lives in Brazil.

It is interesting that you (apparently) have outsourced your "hope" for economic recovery in this "thoughtful President" that is in the White House.

Unfortunately I have seen a growing number of Black people being interviewed on television - WHO HAPPEN TO BE UNEMPLOYED RIGHT NOW - who's present economic difficulties have caused them to sell several pieces of their "Obama Commemorative Plates" and instead focus upon how THEY have not received one of those jobs that Obama and Biden have touted as having created or saved.

Villager said...

Constructive Feedback - Thanx for the update on Francis' geographic biography.

re: Hope. I haven't outsourced it to President Obama. However, I appreciate the hope and promise that he brings to our nation. I cannot tell you how happy I am that we are not being led by President McCain and Vice President Palin. That factoid alone makes me stand up and applaud!

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]That factoid alone makes me stand up and applaud![/quote]


I am less concerned about your ability to applaud Barack Obama as I am that you don't know where your interests in defending Barack Obama and the Democratic establishment ends and where the protection of your own Permanent Interests and those of the Black Community begin.

With Chicago and so many other cities with large Black populations being "Democrat only zones" and yet our key interests as a community being violated - it is clear that many people know how to "applaud and vote" but little more.

How do you explain these places which don't have a McCain / Palin threat to speak of?

Villager said...

Constructive Feedback - My post is about President Obama. You seem to equate him with the so-called "Democratic establishment". It is my view that our president is doing his best to deal with a variety of world-class crisis areas --- including the economy, education and environment. I noticed that he made a big push re: education. I suspect that improving our public education system will go a long way to deal with some of the issues that you point out in Chicago and other cities with high Black population.