February 1, 2010

Ann Curry - The Journalist

Ann Curry, who for the past four years has used her position as an influential reporter for NBC to cover the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, is a villager at heart. She has reported on rape and sexual violence against Darfuri women, interviewed survivors and drawn attention to the fact that, despite having borne and seen unbelievable horrors, these women continue to sustain their families and provide leadership in their communities.

Without reporters like Ann Curry we wouldn't hear much from the ground in Sudan. Perhaps equally importantly, though, networks won't spend time, money and resources on issues they think people don't care about. "No news" is not good news for those on the ground. Please contact Dateline NBC at dateline@nbcuni.com and ask the producers to run a special on violence against women in Darfur and to continue to amplify the voices of Sudanese women striving for peace.

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Anonymous said...

She is the journalist face for Suan. You are correct - will be sending an email.