August 31, 2012

GOP Gone Wild: Christine O'Donnell Indicates that Barack Obama is a Communist

Did you see former GOP senatorial candidate Christine 'I'm Not a Witch' O'Donnell on CNN earlier this morning? She tried that old GOP line that Obama is a communist ... and Soledad O'Brien wasn't having it. Here is the full interview on video:

I think that Christine O'Donnell may be the dumbest politician in the country. I won't be surprised to see her up in Missouri endorses Rep. Akins next. What is your take on Christine O'Donnell?


pgard said...

It wasn't Christine O'Donnell that called Obama a Communist it was Soledad O'Brian that called Obama a Communist. She is losing it.

Villager said...

pgard - She used the term 'collectivism' or some such camaflouge for 'communist'. Christine O'Donnell is a poor advocate for any political party. How is it that she became 'legit' for the GOP?

Reggie said...

Maybe Soledad should be running for office. That was a simple interview with simple questions.

I think the problem with the Republican Party is that they continue to field candidates that can't communicate a simple message and don't know what the hell they're talking about. when I see Christine, I see Sarah. I realize all politicians won't be intellectuals and Soledad didn't exactly help her. But this isn't the first time that Christine looked like a fool on television. In this interview she actually looked stronger than she has most of the time. For the life of me I don't understand why anyone would go to the polls with the intention of voting for her. Dumb isn't cute, it's just not cute.

Christine 'lost' it a long time ago.