August 24, 2012

State Senator Nina Turner Blasts Voter Suppression Efforts in Ohio

State Senator Nina Turner (D-OH) is a rock star. She ain't no Aunt Jemima! The Republican effort to suppress the vote in Ohio is the "biggest story in this presidential race," according to Ed Schultz. And in a fiery appearance on Ed's show, Turner pulled no punches in describing what's happening.

The GOP has shortened voting hours in all 88 counties since 2008 when 47% of voters — predominantly African Americans — took advantage of extended hours to cast their ballots.

Nina Turner took it from there.
"This is nothing more than uniform voter suppression, make no mistake about it".

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Nina Turner became one of my political favorites last night! She is obviously an outspoken advocate of the disenfranchised and under-represented and I hope she runs for statewide office in the near future!


Reggie said...

Disturbing, very disturbing.

Carolyn Moon said...

I so agree with your assessment of State Sen. Nina Turner. She's spoken on MSNBC as a guest once before and this fiery advocate doesn't miss a beat and she doesn't "stutter". It's plain and clear and well stated!

Post reconstruction (2) dynamics as I've said in the past are with us. The ante is higher for unlike the first post reconstruction era, it was congressional people of color whom served and raised the ire of whites. We now have a President of color who checks the African-American box on the census and plans to run again for another 4 yrs. Those in power and those who wish they were in power have gone off the deep end and my fear is that we haven't seen anything yet. The white judge who foresees another civil war may not be as looney as we think. The SPLC paints a bleak picture as well when it comes to the proliferation of hate groups and talk of sedition. Daunting indeed!

Unknown said...

Carloyn - Post-reconstruction was as terrible a part of our national history as the reconstruction era was a wonderful part of our national history. Hopefully, we will learn from our history and avoid the excesses of our past.

All - I truly enjoyed Nina Turner. I hope that she consider running for the House of Representatives in 2016 ... so that the rest of the nation can see her in action. However, I suspect that she will run for state-wide office next time around. Don't you agree?

Carolyn Moon said...

I, too, would like to see her in the national arena and we can only hope that she will consider it. Personal responsibilities and dynamics that we're not privy to and by the way shouldn't be; may keep her advocacy and good work on the state level.

Having said that, I think we need people like her on local levels for as a result of this election and that of 2008, a lot of damage can be done in these arenas and can adversely impact national politics.

I bet the people of Ohio would want her to stay...that's for sure!