August 14, 2012

Obama Re-Election Campaign Inspires a New Song, 'Take Us Forward'

I don't imagine that I'm the only one who remembers the inspiration that Barack Obama brought to our nation in 2008 when he ran for the presidency. His candidacy inspired to produce the song, 'Yes We Can' in that year.

Two years later, the political landscape was different. The Tea Party was running rampant and the 2010 mid-term elections resulted in a GOP romp ... but, the ability of President Obama to inspire musical support in songs like, 'We Are The Ones' was still strong.

Now we fast-forward to the 2012 presidential elections ... a chance to re-elect Barack Obama for another four years in the White House. Crystal Lucas-Perry was inspired by Barack Obama efforts to 'Take Us Forward'. She wrote,
"As a full time student at New York University, I am unable to contribute financially to the campaign. However, as an artist, inspired by our Presidents vision, I created a song to help support his mission."

My request to 'villagers' is simple -- VOTE! Don't let your vote be suppressed or discouraged. Make your plans early to vote on or before November 6th. If we have learned anything over the years ... we should have learned that elections have consequences!

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Reggie said...

Hopefully his second term will be more effective for our economy and our nation's future than his first term.