August 27, 2012

VIDEO: Chris Matthews Unleashed on Mitt Romney's Racist Campaign Strategy

Chris Matthews, going ballistic on Mitt Romney and Republicans ... and RNC Chair Reince Priebus is helpless and unable to respond.

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Reggie said...

I think that Chris Matthews was dead on with his comments. What was the point in bringing it up if it wasn't so?!?

Unknown said...

Racism and stupidity exist on both sides. For a nice summary of Obama's tacit defense of black racism against whites, see

Unknown said...

Reggie - The dog whistle politics of the Republic Party is transparent in so many ways this election cycle. I must admit that I'm surprised that Chris Matthews was so hot on the issue. He kept it up last night in his questions to the governor or Arizona and Condi Rice.

Fight Bigotry - I watched your video. You did a nice job of pulling that video together, especially since you had such limited examples to use. That said, I appreciate you for visiting and leaving a comment on this blog!