August 12, 2012

Perp Walk: Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence and Fired by Miami Dolphins

My 12-year old son has a poster of Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson on the wall of his room. We live in the greater Cincinnati area and Johnson was the star of the Cincinnati Bengals for most of the years of my son's life. As such, it is with sadness that I've watched this man lose his way. Instead of working on his craft ... he tried to become a reality TV star. In fact, he married a reality TV actress, Evelyn Lozada, about a month ago.

His life decisions have been disastrous. He was arrested over the weekend for domestic violence. Johnson has been accused by his wife Evelyn of head butting her during an argument that took place over the weekend. The incident allegedly occurred during a fight over condoms that Evelyn found in Chad’s car. Evelyn was reportedly seen running to a neighbor’s house to get away from Johnson and called police from a neighbor’s phone.

When Johnson was arrested, Lozada was taken to a local hospital and treated for serious cuts to her forehead.

Now Johnson is out of the NFL. The Miami Dolphins cut him from the team and cleaned out his locker less than 24 hours after his arrest. I guess those were some very expensive condoms, huh?

Johnson should become a life lesson for many self-centered folks in sports and other industries. Focus on your craft. Develop your skills. Let your work speak for itself.

I need to buy my son a new poster. The one with Chad Johnson is being tossed in the trash.


Unknown said...

Such a sad turn. Until now Johnson had remained out of trouble. Clearly, the NFL is tiring of bad behavior and taking a hard line. Arrests are becoming far too common among professional athletes. I hope Johnson is able to get back to the business of football and leave all the other foolishness alone.

Unknown said...

Karen - I hope that Chad and his agent have a Plan 'B' for when the football career is over, because I fear that it is over.

Carolyn Moon said...

"I need to buy my son a new poster. The one with Chad Johnson is being tossed in the trash."

Hmmm....I heard that!!

Unknown said...

Carolyn - ...just sayin'!

Reggie said...

This is sad. As a man I have no problem telling you that there is NEVER a reason for a man to go on the offensive and strike a woman. Before our lives are over, many men will have to defend themselves against a woman; but there is never a reason to hit one.

I will stand by that statement til the day I die.

Unknown said...

Reggi - I agree that there is rarely a reason to raise your hand in violence against a woman. However, it does seem that judgement has been passed against Chad Johnson without him having his day in court.

Reggie said...

So it would seem.