November 7, 2008

Mississippi Officials Tell Kids Not To Say 'Obama'

Did you see where school officials down in Mississippi threatened children with expulsion from busses and classrooms if they uttered the word, "Obama"?

I imagine that there are still some folks who will have difficult time dealing with a Black president. I imagine it will hurt some of the officials and judges that run federal buildings and federal courtrooms when they have to place a portrait photo of the incoming president on the walls.

I share this Obama collage in an effort to help these hard-headed folks in Mississippi and elsewhere get used to the idea of a new POTUS. As the youngsters in Mississippi school busses and junior high school classrooms are saying, "Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama and Obama!"


SjP said...

The whole WORLD is saying OBAMA! And I am, too! Wonder how much it would cost to purchase a full page ad in one of Mississippi's major newspapers with nothing but Obama on it? Hmmm that's a thought!

Kim said...

How unbelievably petty!! It seems Mississippi will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the freaking 21st century. Its over people, YOU LOST THE WAR. A black man is president of the united states!

Hey Shae! said...

I'd love to see the lawsuits coming out of Mississippi over this. I wish my child would be expelled for exercising their freedom of speech. If they were allowed to talk about Bush winning both elections, they for sure can mention Obama did. It's History. Are they going to conveniently forget his chapter in the history books too?

SJP, but me down for a donation. I'm down for a 2 page spread (just to hit home) of Obama.

iriegal said...

how silly Wayne..come on. Obama is NOT and exclusive name or word to our PResident. Okay, does the GOVERNOR of MISSISSIPPI know this? I mean isn't OBAMA HIS BOSS?


Unknown said...

Sojourner - Screw the Mississippi newspapers. Let's just keep sharing info and growing our readership on our own blogs first and foremost...

Kim - Amen!

Shae - I feel ya'! We need to ensure that this type of nonsense is brought into the light on our blogs and elsewhere. Roaches tend to scatter when the lights get turned on. That is what will occur with these Mississippi bus drivers and school officials over the coming weeks and months...

IrieGal - I feel ya'! Hopefully, the bus driver and the school principal will get with the program. We are no longer the "not" United States ... we are now coming together a truly UNITED States of America ... including the folks in Mississippi!

Esquire said...

There should be lawyers descending upon that school immediately. I'm not litigation happy, but give me a break. These kids rights are being completely violated.

Edward Padgett said...

At fifty-five years of age the statements made by the Mississippi officials do not shock me, but I am saddened nonetheless. Electronic Village makes waves in the Blogosphere that I’m happy to amplify through my blog in hopes the mainstream media may notice.

Here at the Los Angeles Times we have produced an additional 232,000 issues of the November 5th edition, and the demand has not let up. Our customer support has decided to open the doors of the newspaper tomorrow (Saturday) to sell newspapers and printing plates as newspapers are back in fashion this week.

I invite the Mississippi bus driver and coach to visit the throng of people in line waiting to buy a newspaper from the Los Angeles Times not to say Obama.

Great post Wayne.

Edward, the Blogging Pressman

Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama

Unknown said...

Esquire - Isn't your handle the one that lawyers use when they sign stuff? (smile) I agree with you that there should be penalties ... whether by litigation or by the employers in advance of litigation ... for the folks that tried to stifle the joy of those young people.

Ed - You have been very supportive of our efforts here on the Electronic Village ... and it is much appreciated! I thought about you as I saw the long lines at newspapers in Chicago and New York earlier this week. It is wonderful to see the resurgence in the popularity of hardcopy newspapers. I hope that there is residual impact for LA Times as others in the industry...

msladyDeborah said...

To The Tune of The Battle Hymn of The Republic

"Did anyone inform you that the Civil War did end?"

"Do you remember that your state is part of the Union?"

"You might of went for McCain but he didn't win!"

"The winner was Barack Obama!"

Barack Obama is the President!

Barack Obama is the President!

Barack Obama is the President!

So learn to say his name.

"I know it difficult for you to be lead by a black man."

"He really doesn't look like your Uncle Sam."

"But the people have spoken all across the land, and McCain did not win!" (Chorus)

Okay Villager I couldn't resist. But I thought if we put it to music maybe they would recognize that there is no way to get around reality.

This is one of the most bitter comments that I have heard to date. (Oh yes I did call them bitter!)

Every official who tries to uphold this should be arrested for treason against the citizens of the United States. This is a true form of domestic terrorism.

These are the folks that our parents warned us about! I would be in big trouble because my children would say Obama, Obama, Obama! And if they did anything to try and stop them~it would be on!

Esquire said...

Villager - yes, but unfortunately i am not in Mississippi.

Big Mama said...

Beginning January 20, 2009, I, too,
will not say "Obama". Out of tremendous respect for this man, and asyour grandmother taught me and I taught you, I will refer to him by his first and last name ...


Unknown said...

Iya - I like that sound ... Mr President. Did you ever watch 'The West Wing' on television when it came on back in the day? I think that it somes on the Bravo channel in syndication now. I saw an epsiode the other day and imagined what it will be like when President-Elect Obama goes to the West Wing for the next four years. It should be exciting for all of us!

Lady D - Your creativity with that Battle Hymn song is remarkable and timely. I wonder what type of backlash those Mississippi officials have felt since this story broke?

Hall Monitor said...

This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Nothing like in your face racism to remind everyone the country is not post racial. Thanks for that link.

Unknown said...

Hall Monitor & KIT - We cannot let these things go quietly. We have to use our blogs to bring them to the attention of the public and our blog readers...


Hey there...

Should we believe everything that appears in a newspaper?

Should we assume that if it is in a paper it actually occurred?

{shaking my head}

Kristi K. said...

You would not believe what my kids have had to go through at school prior to, throughout and after the election. In our small country school's case, it's the other kids, not so much the staff. If the staff is at fault, it's for not being proactive enough or more efficient in squelching ongoing problems.

All of this animosity simply because they are multi racial and we've elected a biracial sickens me. I've called the superintendent, the head of the school board, both principals, etc. I'm currently lobbying for more diversity training and stricter consequences for racial slurs during school hours or on school property. My kids are Native American-Caucasion-Mexican and African American, so they see things from all sides. They are one of only six or seven kids with African American lineage in the school system.

We do have a large Mexican population in our area, and those folks have had to deal with the venomous comments for years.

I always thought it was a simple thing: I don't pass judgement on anyone for what they look like. (I'm not bigger than God...the Bible says that "God does not look at the outward appearance...but at the heart.") I like a person automatically...I try to talk to that person, and get to know them. If they are a mean hateful jerk, I will eventually realize this and give up trying to talk to them. Sometimes it will take me a while to "get" that they are a mean hateful jerk. Even then, I will realize that there may be something in their life that caused them to be filled with anger of which I am not aware. If a person is a good person, I will befriend them. Regardless of their race, their creed, their affiliation, their sex, their size, their country, their persuation or social status. Simple as that. I'm the winner in this world view. I have so many wonderful people in my life...I am blessed beyond measure with more treasured friendships than I can count.

People miss out when they prejudge others. For any reason. It's a lose/lose.

Indeed, we still have a long way to go in America.

Unknown said...

Kristi - Thank you for sharing your village voice with us. I agree that we have far to go ... but, I think we can all acknowledge that we have come a long way as well.

re: your situation. Stay strong and continue to provide support and counsel for your young 'uns!