November 14, 2008

Old School Friday: Jackie Wilson

The theme for this week's Old School Friday music meme is 'Birth Year Songs'. I was born in 1959. So, I've gone back in time ... 49 years ago ... to bring you Jackie Wilson and his 1959 hit 'Lonely Teardrops'.


Unknown said...

I have to admit that this is the first time I have heard this song.

I do know who Jackie is so I don't know why I haven't heard this before.

Have a good weekend.

Revvy Rev said...

This is good stuff! Why don't they include this in high school and liberal arts education? Jackie Wison was debatably the best entertainer of that era. Wonderful pick!

Hagar's Daughter said...

The ultimate showman! I enjoyed that this morning.

When my father was younger he resembled Jackie a lot and even had the hair style to go along with that look - LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well Villager, looks like you and me were being born into the village right areound the same time. No wonder we've both got such great tase in music.
Jackie Wilson? Can't go wrong with that pick, brother.
Happy OSF!

iriegal said...

This is such a classic. Wow. Great song choice! And that year wayne would make you one year my ELDER brotha in the village..


Unknown said...

Great choice! he had a beautiful voice

Quick said...

Jackie Wilson, this guys was so amazing,and i love this song!

Durward Discussion said...

One of the advantages of age for this purpose. You get one of the best groups ever to hit the charts with this song from 1944:

You Always Hurt The One You Love by The Mills Brothers

Edirin said...

Fantastic choice, i love this track

SjP said...

I love this song and always love Jackie Wilson! Great pick!

My Birthday Year song takes us back to 1952, when Big Momma Thornton recorded Hound Dog. I invite you and other Villagers by for a listen.

clnmike said...

lol, you and SJP surprised me with your age, Happy OSF.

Old School Fridays said...

I agree with Revvy Rev,

This is good stuff!

@ hagar:
He was a show stopper. Great pick!

I chose Rose Royce for my picks.

Anonymous said...

this brotha is just a little ahead of me; i am sure one of my parents remember the tune.

have a good weekend.

[Mind of Marcus©]

Marvalus said...

Jackie Wilson is one of those entertainers that made you stop, look, and matter what you are doing!

Good pick!