April 17, 2010

Give 'Birther' Terry Lakin His Wish -- Court-Martial His Misguided Palin-JoePlumber-McCain Butt Right Away!

The November 2008 election of Barack Obama as our president and commander-in-chief is driving ignorant white folks stark-raving mad.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) used to be a reasonable lawmaker. Lately, he seems more and more like a sad and desperate politician destined to lose his job in November. He spends a great deal of time attacking President Obama.

Half-term quitter Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) used to be the most popular governor in America and the darling of the Republican Party. Now she is a celebrity seeking to get every penny she can from her elongated 15 minutes of fame. She spends most of her time attacking President Obama.

An entire Tea Party movement has grown over the past year. They spit at Black politicians, yell epitaphs at congressmen, carry racist signs at their rallies, and appear to be about 99% white folks. They spend most of their time attacking President Obama.

Joe Plumber became a pop culture icon in 2008 when he began attacking President Obama. His sidekick is LTC Terry Lakin. Lakin is an 18-year military veteran who is asking to be court-martialed rather than obey his military orders to report to Afghanistan. Why? Because Lakin isn't convinced that President Obama was born in America.

Yep ... this clown is buying into the myth that Barack Obama is a foriegner ... and as such Lakin doesn't feel any obligation to obey orders issued by the commander-in-chief.

It seems to irk these folks that Barack and Michelle Obama are in the White House. The attacks almost always seem personal in nature ... and rarely do they seem based on policy.

The next seven years of the Obama administration are really gonna be rough on these misguided miscreants. Don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

I agree. I have never seen so many people mad at a man who has never done anything to hurt them. Wait, yes I have, the last 400 years of Blacks in America. God puts people in power and not man. It is harvest time. This country is reaping what was sewn. Minorities are now CEOs, COOs, and Presidents and there are millions more growing and ready to be harvested.

The Posh Miss

Villager said...

MonCeleste - Amen! I hope to share positive news of the continued success for people of African descent in this country. Thank you for the positive reinforcement!

knight4444 said...

It's 2016 and birther trump is now running for president!! This country is hopelessly sick and twisted!! around 20 to 25% of americans are deeply mentally ill and racist!! Historians will write the story of america's, first black president and how 25% of racists white america , lost it's damn mind!!!