April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Dorothy Height and My Six Degrees of Separation

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Villager said...

My sister sent me this photo. She wrote, "Hello everyone!

By now, you have likely heard the news that Civil Rights great Dorothy Height passed away. While I was saddened by the news, I also had to smile. I met Mrs. Height once because of Aunt Alzeda.

I don't have all of Aunt Alzeda's great-great grandkid's email address - so please share this email with them. I spent the last hour trying to find the attached two photos so they can have proof of the than six degrees of separation is between them and Miss. Height.

Aunt Alzeda - sister to George and John Crockett - was a great admirer of Dorothy Height. I believe Aunt Alzeda was also a long-time member of the National Council of Negro Women, which Miss. Height lead for a number of years.

In 1999, there was a dedication that Miss. Height was going to speak at that Aunt Alzeda wanted to attend. Aunt Alzeda was about 88 or 89 years old at the time. She called me to take her. I think she even had Uncle Ben to drive her to my place in Arlington, VA from Norfolk, VA.

There was a program inside and then the dedication in nearby Lincoln Park. At some point, there was singing next to the statue of Mary McLeod Bethune. You can see in the attached photo there is Dorothy Height - and the second woman to the right is Aunt Alzeda (with white purse). I can't remember the song, but wouldn't be surprise if it was "Lift Every Voice and Sing" - smile! Aunt Alzeda talked with Miss Height, but I can't find that photo of them speaking together.

And - for the great-great grands, your Aunt Alzeda knew Mary McLeod Bethune personally. In fact, it was Mrs. Bethune who introduced Aunt Alzeda to her future husband, C. Leroy Hacker.

So as you read about Miss Height in the news and discuss her in school, know that there is a connection.

Love, Kyra"