April 16, 2010

Old School Friday: The Bar Kays

How many villagers remember an unsung group from back in the day known as 'The Bar Kays'? I didn't realize that this group survived 40 years, 27 albums, 25 members, 23 hits, a tragic plane crash, a stroke and a murder. The miracle is that this band nearly ended before it began, when all but two members – Ben Cauley and James Alexander - died in the plane crash that killed singing great Otis Redding. Yet those two members rebuilt the Bar-Kays into a remarkable hit machine.

I am looking forward to taping the Unsung episode on TV-One that will provide some background on this crew. One of my favorite tunes from The Bar-Kays was a slow ballad that I used to enjoy playing late at night on my college radio show -- 'Running In and Out of My Life'.

Of course, I think that the Bar Kays are probably better known to us Ol' School folks for their ability to bring the funk out of each of us! How many of you can remember seeking out your own personal 'Freakshow on the Dance Floor'?

What is your favorite song or memory of The Bar Kays?

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