April 9, 2010

Two More RNC Leaders Call for Resignation of Michael Steele

How long can Michael Steele keep his job as the chair of the Republican National Committee? Personally, I think that he is a 'dead man walking'. I can't imagine that the GOP is going to keep him in office for very much longer.

Two Republican National Committee (RNC) members from North Carolina have called on Chairman Michael Steele to resign. The state's chairman called for Steele to step down yesterday.

Today we learn that one of the few African American RNC members, Dr. Ada Fisher, wants him to resign, saying, "Leadership demands that when something is fundamentally wrong, we must stand up to it."

There are some folks that still support Michael Steele. Do you?

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msladydeborah said...

This is going to be interesting to watch. I do not see him going down without one helluva fight.

The GOP is struggling with presenting a non-racist image. Kicking out the first Black chairperson is not exactly the best way to project that.