April 11, 2010

Taser Lawsuit: Gregory Rold (Salem, OR)

Felisa Rold is the mother of a schizophrenic son killed by Salem police officers Eric Brown, Daron Mumey, Jacob Pratt and Adam Waite. Rold's mother is filing a lawsuit in which she demands punitive damages for wrongful death, negligence and civil rights violations. [SOURCE]

Mrs. Rold indicates that the Salem police officers came to her house and used their taser guns multiple times in May 2009. She says her son had been eating lunch with her and his brother, and that he did not resist arrest until they shot him with the Taser.

Rold's attorney says Officers Pratt and Mumey came to her apartment on May 23, 2009 in response to the apartment manager's complaint about her schizophrenic son's presence. The manager had previously told Felisa Rold that he didn't want her son around, said the attorney, Todd Peterson.

"He had a right to be there," Peterson said. "There was no citation or court order or anything (barring his presence)."
Peterson said Gregory Rold had just come from a family celebration and stopped by his mother's house to pick up some clothes.

"He was just sitting there by the window, smoking a cigarette, when he saw the police outside," Peterson said.
Gregory let them in, and the police told him that he was under arrest, according to the federal complaint. English was Rold's second language. He was "slow to respond" Peterson said, because of his mental illness and because he was translating for his 75-year-old mother, who speaks little English.

Felicia Rold claims Officer Mumey Tasered her son without warning, and shot him 16 more times with the stun gun in the next 4 minutes. Witnesses said the police used their Tasers "almost immediately" after entering the apartment, according to Peterson.

The police told Rold's mother and brother to go into another room, "or else they would get Tased too," Peterson said.

Rold says her son did not resist arrest until police had tasered him more than once. When Officers Brown and Waite arrived, 17 minutes after Mumey and Pratt had stopped shocking Rold, Gregory Rold was leaning on a table, "not actively offering resistance," according to the complaint.

Rold tried to run into another room in the apartment, and Brown allegedly tasered him with 50,000 volts at least two more times. Then police repeatedly punched him in his side and hit him with a baton to the knees before pushing him onto his belly and handcuffing his arms behind his back, Rold's mother says.

Rold weighed between 300 and 350 pounds. Police knelt on his back, crushing his lungs and trachea and suffocating him to death, according to the complaint.

"He was dead within 25 minutes of (the officers') arrival," Peterson said. "They turned something into a real tragedy that could have ended in a far different way."
What is your take on this case? Do you think that Mrs. Rold will have a chance with her lawsuit?


Marilyn A. Prescott said...

ON April 7, 2010, a 10 million dollar lawsuit was filed by the family in Fresno, CA Federal Court against the Stanislaus County Sheriff for the wrongful death of EX-Deputy Craig Prescott. Source is the Modesto Bee on 04/08/2010.

Marilyn A. Prescott said...

The Sheriff, Adam Christianson not only covered up the egregious acts of his eight deputies who brutally beat Prescott knowing that he was mentally ill, repeatedly tasered and pepper-balled him, beat him with their ASPs, sat on him while he was on his belly, but made the decision to have him taken off life support after he was admitted to the hospital. Prescott's family was not given the option to leave him on the ventilator even when Craig's wife requested that he be left on an additional twelve hours in order for other family members to arrive. Prescott was deprived of oxygen which led to brain injury and ultimately, brain death. Ironically, Prescott had been released from the sheriff's custody at 8:30am that same morning, yet the sheriff acted as if he was still in charge. Check Modesto Bee Hive for blogs written by people who were eyewitnesses. The ventilator was turned off at 6:30pm.

Villager said...

Marilyn - Thank you for this update. Our blog has been following the taser-related killing of Craig Prescott. I hope you come back to share updates as you have them.