April 22, 2010

Obama Considers Judge Ann Claire Williams -- a Black Woman -- for Supreme Court

Elections have consequences. President Obama selected a wise Latina for the Supreme Court last year. He recently added a wise Sista to the mix this year.

Multiple sources say that the White House added a federal judge from Chicago to its working list of potential Supreme Court nominees to fill the upcoming vacancy.

Judge Ann Claire Williams, who became the first African American appellate judge in the federal Seventh Circuit, has joined a working list of about 10 other candidates.

One of the things that caught my attention about Judge Williams is that she is a native of Detroit MI. That is one town that could sure use some good karma in 2010! Her dad was a bus driver in Detroit and she dreamed being a Motown star.

Here are some other tidbits about Judge Williams:
  • Named to federal bench by Presidents Reagan, Clinton
  • Former 3rd-grade teacher in Detroit
  • Considered a moderate on the court
  • Third African American woman named to a federal appeals court (NOTE: who were the first two?)
Have you heard about this sista-Judge before? I never heard of her until today.

It does seem that she has that 'real-world' experience that President Obama seems to like. What are your thoughts on Judge Williams or the whole SCOTUS selection process?

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myundiary said...

To me, race should not be a factor in chosing who will be the next Supreme Court judge. Whoever this person is will shape our laws, history, and our future for the upcoming generation. So whether that person is black, white, asian, latino, purple, green, or blue, I think the person who represents the USA should be open, fair, HONEST, and reasonable. That person should fill this spot. We should play very close attention to the issues and the style of the candidates.