October 7, 2011

Black Unemployment Rate Falls to 16.0% in September 2011

The economy added 103,000 jobs last month according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.   There are about 14 million unemployed people in the country bringing our overall unemployment rate to 9.1% ... same as the previous month.  In fact, the unemployment rate has stayed in a narrow range of 9.0% to 9.2%.   This is not good news for the re-election prospects of President Obama.

It's even worse news for the Black community.

The unemployment rate in the Black community did fall from 16.7% (last month) to 16.0% in SeptemberHowever, that is still a ridiculously high rate of unemployment ... that is even worse when you look at the impact on African Americans without a college diploma ... and worse than that for those in the Black community who left school without a high school diploma.

The jobs gained in September were in the following industries: professional and business services, health care, information technology and construction.

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