October 4, 2011

Hank Williams Learns That It is Never a Good Idea to Compare ANYONE to Adolph Hitler

Country singer Hank Williams was on a morning television show the other day where he thought it was a good idea to compare President Obama to Adolph Hitler.

Fox Anchor Gretchen Carlson asked Williams who he liked in the GOP race, which he replied “Nobody.” A shocked Steve Doocy exclaimed, “Nobody!?

This triggered Williams to bash Obama and Boehner’s golf game and compare the president to Hitler. All three Fox and Friends anchors sat nonplussed in utter bewilderment.

Yeah, I don’t understand that analogy, actually,” responded a perplexed Brian Kilmeade.

Well, I’m glad you don’t, brother, because a lot of people do,” Williams snapped. “You know, they’re the enemy. They’re the enemy.” Kilmeade was thrown for a loop. “Who’s the enemy?

Obama!” Williams thundered.

The Fox News anchor tried to step back from the comparison of the president to the Nazi leader. “I just want to say that we disavow any of those comments or analogies that he’s made, at least I’m going to say that, disavow the analogy between Hitler and the president.”

ESPN has been paying Hank Williams for the past 20 years to start every Monday Night Football broadcast with a rowdy song that we all know -- Are You Ready for Some Football?! The sports network pulled the video from its broadcast last night as a result of the 'Hitler' comments earlier in the day from Williams.

Williams understood that he messed up big-time and he tried to apologize:
Some of us have strong opinions and are often misunderstood. My analogy was extreme – but it was to make a point. I was simply trying to explain how stupid it seemed to me – how ludicrous that pairing was.

They’re polar opposites and it made no sense. They don’t see eye-to-eye and never will. I have always respected the office of the President.

Every time the media brings up the Tea Party it’s painted as racist and extremists – but there’s never a backlash – no outrage to those comparisons… Working class people are hurting – and it doesn’t seem like anybody cares. When both sides are high-fiving it on the ninth hole when everybody else is without a job – it makes a whole lot of us angry. Something has to change. The policies have to change.”
I find it interesting that Hank Williams tried to deflect responsibility for his own stupidity by (a) blaming the media and (b) using the race card. Williams brought this shyt-storm down on himself. There was no mention of race by anyone in the interview. The idea of race must have been rollin' around in his head. It seems that Williams and other Tea Party types are becoming bolder and bolder. They feel that they can say and do whatever is on their mind without consequence. Williams learned this week that there are consequences when you go too far!


CCGroovy!!! said...

Hank backtracked a little bit, BUTT; that was NOT an apology. If anything, I'm thinking that he was trying to say, "This is WHY I said what I said. You just didn't understand what I said."

THANXXX for being on top of this!!!

Wayne Hicks said...

CCGroovy - You're right. It seems that few people know how to simply apologize in a direct and honest way any longer. I wonder if ESPN will let Hank Williams out of the doghouse at next week's MNF game?

*.::My Love Is So Raw::.* said...

I just do not understand how they can worship the republican party and republicans are known for sucking off the corporations!!? Like if he feels the working class are hurting so much, how can you be for folks that only believe in the fat cats getting fatter pockets?

as they always said,

hurt the ones that love you, and love the ones that hurt you.

Karen Swim, Words For Hire said...

The NFL response was appropriate and for that I'm thankful. Williams comment was idiotic and who is the "them" to which he referred - folk like Obama? I agree with Wayne Hicks whatever happened to the direct, honest apology? Oh, I suppose you'd have to be legitimately sorry to offer one rather than trying to clean up a PR firestorm.

Villager said...

My Love Is So Raw - Points well-taken. I think that the Tea Party throws in with the Republican Party because they saw how easy it has been to take over that party as evidenced by the victories in GOP primaries last year by unknown Tea Party favorites in places like Nevada and the 'witch' in the northeast.

Karen - You are our PR expert. You should do a post on the 'art of the apology'! :)