October 1, 2011

Robert Johnson is Still an Obama-Hater (Video)

Robert Johnson is the former owner of Black Entertainment Television. He made over $3 billion when he sold that company a few years ago. He was a big supporter of Hillary Clinton when she was running for president back in 2008. He allowed his love of Hillary to cloud his view of Barack Obama. He became a very visible 'hater' of candidate Obama back in the 2008 election cycle.

Now we are entering into the 2012 election cycle and it appears that Mr. Johnson wants to continue his efforts to bash the president whenever possible. Here is video interview that he gave to CBS earlier this week:

What do you think about Robert Johnson?


Aaron + Alaine said...

Wow Villager, your new blog design seems somehow...familiar! :). Anyway, I can't say I have a whole lot of respect for Johnson, but I don't think there is much objectionable about his comments. They lack the smarmiessness of his last outing. I guess you could say he is shilling for Hillary because he says Obama should be cool to be a one termer, but Hillary has made it clear the chances of her running are below zero.

Oddly enough, he is on to something. The best thing Obama could do right now is to announce he will not stand for re-election. The democrats would swiftly draft Hillary and might have a fighting chance in this election by pulling in the women's vote and maybe earning back the independents that Obama has clearly lost. Obama can leave this crappy job (which he's not that good at) and go make millions (way more than Palin)and chill on the beach with Michelle and the girls and tell the rest of the world to pound sand, not my problem anymore. The Dems could bring Hillary in and maybe get back to more pragmatic hard nosed policy making that brings the center back.

Thats probably the best thing that could happen right now for Obama and the Dems. Why? Because even if Obama manages to squeeze it out against Romney (take note: I predict Romney will be the GOP nominee), the democratic down ticket is going to get hammered. In the state legislatures,in the house and the senate. Obama is tacking to his base now that he has lost the center, but it may be too little too late.

Whether Obama wins or loses in 2012, for the Dems its lose lose. The question is whether they want to lose big, or really big.

Villager said...

Aaron - I didn't realize until yesterday how simple it was to create new templates with Blogger. I thought I would have to go to Wordpress to do so. Your blog design has a crisper / darker brown that I tried to replicate ... but couldn't quite get there.

re: Hillary. Everyone says 'no' until they think that they can win (example, Rick Perry and the big guy in New Jersey). Hillary lost already to Obama and she is willing to wait her 8 years for the next chance.

re: Romney. I agree with you that he will be the nominee. Republicans always revert to form in the end ... they always nominate the guy who's waited his turn (eg. Bob Dole, John McCain).

re: Obama. He will go down as one of the greatest presidents in our history. I suspect that there were times when FDR was president in that first term that he looked weak. But, history smiles on FDR as they will on Obama. Heck, I saw a television show last week that was set in the 22nd century ... and they had currency with Obama's picture on it! :)

Aaron + Alaine said...

Obama as one of the greatest presidents in history? Based on what singular achievements? Republican and conservative though I be, I'm a reasonable guy. I don't hate on Obama just becuz, but I don't drink the koolaid either. Greatest president ever? Thats koolaid.

On his handling of the financial crisis alone, Obama is disqualified as greatest president ever. He's not all bad, he's got a lot of the right ideas on education (though he cut them black kids using vouchers in DC off with the quickness, that was foul)

Obama won't be the last black president. The Vanessa Williams effect will be in play and just like with Ms. America, after we get in the first time, it becomes routine and unremarkable for us to win again. Obama won't be the last and its okay to say he was a mediocre president. We don't have to blow him up beyond what he actually is. There will be another. My son Noah is 9. I'm grooming him now.

*.::My Love Is So Raw::.* said...

**side eye** mmmhmmm

hi villager. love your new template honey.

Villager said...

My Love is So Raw - Asante sana for the kind words re: the new blog design. It's been about 3 years since the last one ... sorry I waited so long to make that move.

Villager said...

Aaron - "greatest president ever" may have been over the top. You can't earn that title based on 1-term. However, I think he will get there if he wins re-election.