October 13, 2011

Herman Cain Hypnotizes His Opponents with the 9-9-9 Plan

I watched most of the GOP debate that was on the Bloomberg channel earlier this week. A couple of things stood out for me:
  • Rick Perry is truly unprepared for prime time.  You have to begin to wonder what the people of Texas were thinking when they elected him to political office.  He has looked lousy in all four debates so far.
  • Mitt Romney is an experienced debater.  However, it appears that his positive debate performances still haven't brought him much love from the GOP primary voters.
  • Herman Cain made a winning decision when he began to focus on his so-called '9-9-9' economic plan.  Every GOP candidate in the debate seemed to have something to say about it.   Accordingly to the following video the word, 'nine' was mentioned 85 times during the debate!

Do you think that Herman Cain has a chance to win any of the Republican primaries this year?

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