October 7, 2011

Early Voting for November 2011 Elections in Ohio

I encourage all villagers to remember that our ancestors worked hard to ensure that we have the right to vote.  It is up to us to be informed about the issues and it is up to us to VOTE.   We are going to try to ramp up the Proud Black Voter blog.   In the meantime, this blog will share voting updates that impact on my fellow villagers in the state of Ohio.

For example, did you know that 'early voting' for the November 2011 election is up and running in Ohio?

Registered voters may download, fill out, print AND sign an absentee ballot application here (En Español). Applications should be mailed or dropped off at your local board of elections. Do not delay returning your application. By requesting your absentee ballot early, you will help avoid problems that may make it difficult to quickly and easily obtain an absentee ballot.

Not registered to vote? There’s still time! Get your voter registration form here. Remember, you must mail or hand-deliver the registration form to your county board of elections by October 11.

Get more information to protect your vote at http://www.acluohio.org/vote.

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