October 16, 2011

WTF?!? Herman Cain Shares Man-Love With Clarence Thomas

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Godfather Cain heaping praise on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Any chance that Cain had for getting 33% of the Black vote is gone now. There isn't any brainwashed brother or sister in the nation who could vote for a candidate that thinks Clarence Thomas is the best Supreme Court justice in history.

What was your reaction to Cain's Supreme Court wet dream?


msladydeborah said...

If this is not enough for your readers Villager, I would suggest that they read the article in the Daily Beast about Cain and his ties to the Koch Brothers. It seems that the people who are curently advising him are from the choice pool of the Koch's.

I am going to share a fact that I have recently learned about Clarence Thomas. I recently read the book, Who is Afraid of Post--Blackness by Toure'. One of the facts that he brings up in the book is this. At one point in time, Thomas was considering becomming a Black Panther. He was a student and his peers have confirmed that he was/is quite the Malcolm X scholar. It seems that Thomas has extensively studied every speech that Malcolm ever wrote. The reasons why Thomas made such a drastic 360 is linked to the Black on Black racism issue.

Cain cannot even claim that he has been any where the struggle or thought alone the same lines as Thomas did at one time. I am sure if Cain knew this he would refute the source. But, Toure's information has been researched and verified. So, wouldn't that make Thomas one of those potential trouble makers that Cain's daddy ordered him to stay away from? LOL!

Villager said...

Lady D - I read the article about the connection between the Koch Brothers and Herman Cain. I was surprised by how much in bed Cain has been with the Koch Brothers and their AFP organization.

I haven't read Toure's book. Thank you for sharing that insight re: the young Clarence Thomas. I used to hold out hope that he would surprise everyone ... but, it's been 20 years and he has been exactly what George Bush wanted him to be when he was first nominated ... which means that he is the anti-Black Black SC justice. He definitely ain't no Thurgood Marshall.

Anonymous said...

Essentially Mr. Cain eliminated himself from being the GOP nominee. Anyone who harbors such visible admoration for a ditto-head like Clarence Thomas. A (Black) Supreme Court Justice who never seems to be able to identify with any case where social justice is questioned or that African American's are aggreived is un electable in a general election. He will receive 0.005% of black votes, and no liberal votes - deservedly so.

Villager said...

Bakare - Methinks that your political analysis is on target! I do look forward to seeing how Cain is treated tonight at the GOP debate being hosted by CNN.