February 13, 2007

Chapter Success Metrics

I have been an active leader in BDPA since the late 1980s (That's me making a point in the photo). BDPA is a national association of Blacks in technology. It provides programs and services to advance the careers of African Americans in the IT industry from the 'classroom to the boardroom'.

My observation is that it is extremely difficult to build strong local chapters for any non-profit organization, including BDPA. Getting members to volunteer time is difficult. Achieving sustainability of programs is difficult when the leadership is constantly changing over time. I've watched chapters come, grow & go. The discussion about the major challenges impacting on non-profits is growing on a daily basis in our industry.

I decided this year to see if I could put some ideas in motion that would significantly improve the success metrics for any interested chapter. My proposal to any interested chapter is simple --> bring me on board for a couple of hours each month and my efforts will drive the chapter membership, corporate sales and program meeting attendance to all-time highs.

At this point, BDPA Austin and BDPA New York chapter have taken me up on the offer.

  1. BDPA Austin - I began this month (Mar 2007) working with Lorna Stewart-Booker and her chapter leadership team on the success metrics ideas. Already, in the first week the chapter membership has more than doubled ... moving them closer to the goal of having 100 paid members in BDPA Austin chapter by the end of the year. Judaea Lane is the president of BDPA New York chapter. I'll start working with her chapter
  2. BDPA New York - I will begin working on strategies to achieve breakthrough performance for this chapter next month (Apr 2007)
Anyhow, Villagers ... I will keep you apprised of how this effort is going as the leaders in these two cities truly want to 'make a difference' for people of color that aspire to greatness in the IT industry. Have you had any experience as a volunteer in a local chapter of a national or global organization? If so, please share your comments on volunteerism in professional organizations.


Fredric said...

sounds like something i'm really going to invest in when i get back stateside.

blacks and tech have been a passion of mine since i can remember. my goal is to start a web/it consulting firm that helps black business shed the 'ugly website' moniker that plagues a lot of our small businesses.

bdpa sounds like a good starting point for ideas, networks, and volunteer opportunities. i'm hoping i can enlist your help.

is there a chapter in chicago?

Villager said...

Frederic --> one of the largest BDPA chapters in the country resides in Chicago (see www.bdpa-chicago.org).

Your idea about supporting small businesses with improvements to their websites is a great one.

Let me know how I can help get you connected when you get back in the USofA. In the meantime, you should consider becoming a BDPA member (https://map.bdpa.org/)