February 7, 2007

Is Your Website Blocked in China?

During my travels in the blogosphere I came across a website (greatfirewallofchina.org/) that works to document censorship on the Internet.

The goal of this website is to be a watchdog and keep track of which and how many or how many times sites are censored. They seek our help to keep the censorship transparent. Each blocked website will automatically be added to the great firewall on their homepage.

It turns out that my blog cannot be seen by folks on the Internet in China. I guess that explains why my global map over on the left never has any visitors from that part of the world. Of course, it could also be that my blog is only published in English!

3/9/07 Update - According to the NeoWorkz widget at the top of the page, our Village has been viewed recently from folks in Beijing, Taiwan, Jinan and Shinzhen! I learned today that the 2011 Olympics will be hosted by Shinzhen. Amazing how the Internet can bring us all so much closer together.

Have any of you been to China? Care to share a comment on your experiences?


Amy said...

I don't think that publishing in English is that much of an issue. Many people in China have good English skills, especially if they have higher education (as internet users are more likely to).

I see users from all over the world on my blog.

Villager said...

Amy ... of course the quality of your blog would bring folks from Mars, Jupiter and Venus!

Seriously, I appreciate your comments. I am still interested in discovering what process is used to allow a blog to be typed and posted using English ... but available for viewing by others in other countries. Is that technically possible?

notfearingchange said...

Interesting post! Do you have viewers from places like Japan? or Singapore?

Villager said...

NFC (not fearing change),

Thank you for visiting my blog. I've only been online with the Blog for a few weeks. No visitors (to my knowledge)from either Japan or Singapore. However, I do have visitors from Thailand and all over India.

Anyhow, I appreciate the visit & comment. I'm gonna go check out your blog now!